I’d love to meet you.

Sometimes when I’m into studio I think about one of you that I’ve yet to meet (self-proclaimed cr?per) or one I already have met- like sweet Ashley who pushed extra cash in my hand at one of my shows, teaching ME how to insist someone take a gift I want to give.  Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas like “PWUCA” (pay what you can afford) bc I want everyone to have a little piece of art they can love, or that makes them happy, or that they can proudly gift, no mind to the cost.  Sometimes I panic bc I remember an order that I let get buried under a bunch of others and I get straight to work on it… or procrastinate it one more day if it’s intimidating.  Tonight I saw that Sixteen Candles is playing at Turner Park in July and I want you to feel free to lounge on my blanket under the stars with my friends and I.  Come!

This work is SO FUN!!! Let me know if you ever need any(clay)thing in particular! Oh! And photo cred to the phenomenal @kelandmel_!

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