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KC, the NYC of the midwest – I ❤️KC! These are my must-see spots (and I should mention that if you’re a foodie you may find it lacking great eateries to some extent bc I’ll admit I am more of a “shoppie” when on vacation than anything). Also worth noting, I’ve tried my best to keep these organized by neighborhood. I’d love to know what you love about KC… Add your personal faves in the comments below. The fingers are pointing to the places I wouldn’t skip. Oh! One more thing – If it’s going to be a weekend trip might I suggest going Thurs-Sat(?) because a lot of these fantastic spots are closed on Sundays.


This is THE BEST artsy area, a total must-go, do-not-miss, etc…

Fable – American-made women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, ceramics etc. Fun to peruse.

? Oracle – Taxidermy, foraged specimens, rocks, crystals, shells, etc. Must see – super cool!

Peggy Nolan – (think Andy Worhol) Artsy shirts in the crazy-coolest space, carved from foam by Peggy herself. It’s GOOD AND WEIRD. Great photo opp too.

Birdies – Lingerie, intimates and swimsuits.

? Future – Carefully curated women’s and unisex vintage denim, tees, overalls, other clothing and shoes, handmade accessories and ceramics (sorta like Stella in Lincoln).

? Christopher Elbow Chocolates – Artisan chocolates. SO yum. MUST try their “drinking chocolate”.

? Raygun- Screen printed goods and other funky American made things also fab for both sexes and so fun. They’ve also got NE and IA stuff.

? Thou mayest – YUM hip coffee place, probs my fave coffee spot in KC. Drinks at night, loud happy music.

? Hammerpress – (really really cool old printing press, one of my favs) Paper prints, cards, quality office supplies, home goods, accessories, gifts for men and women – definitely worth a look! A print for your wall would be a fun souvenir from there. My husband and dad both love their office supplies.

? Green Lady Lounge – LOVED this swanky lounge for cocktails and live music… Great opportunity to dress up a little, but you can also come as you are.


? Succotash – Fresh juice, breakfast or brunch. Very AWESOME. You’re welcome in advance.  Also makes for a great IG shot or two, super funky.

Filling Station – Great coffee and fantastic fresh juice (only at the one in Longfellow neighborhood). Quick breakfast. Filling station in Westport too, but more of a hit-and-run.


Not sure this is officially the neighborhood’s name, but it’s west of Crossroads. It has an old-town vibe.

? Little freshie – Delicious natural snow cones, coffee and baked goods.

There were other cool shops nearby but we didn’t get to stop in them… yet!


Beer Kitchen – Really yummy local joint with really great and filling pub food.

Normal Human – Great locally made goods and screen printed tees etc. For guys and girls.

Spin! Pizza (it’s also by crown center downtown) – Really good local pizza.

River Market:

Quay – Also superb coffee and cute little space.

Minsky’s Pizza – Supposed to be yum pizza, yet to try it.

The Farmhouse – Farm fresh restaurant.

PLAZA (of course):

Huge shopping area with all the best stores you might find at your favorite mall. Interesting architecture all around, if you’re into that. Beautiful fountains.

Out There Somewhere:

? BBs lawnside BBQ – Supposed to be great but haven’t been… Live music and picnic style seating on a literal lawn.

Madewell – Awesome jeans.

KC Joes – Supposed to be great BBQ (of course there’s Bryant’s, Jack Stack, Gates) – highly rec’d but haven’t tried it.

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    • earthenjoy

      I will definitely be checking that out next visit, Kara! Thanks for the recommendation and first comment. 😉 btw, I just had to look you up on IG and found you and love the work that you do. Patrick (my husband) bought me malaria nets for Valentine’s Day last year- next time maybe we will have to go thru your company. You are SUPER inspiring!


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